Crime thriller Justice on Hold is the first in a series of novels about Grace. Working for the top news station in Dallas, Texas, her mettle is tested as she balances workplace discrimination, marriage, motherhood, a divorce and covering a disturbing domestic violence case for her station. Grace’s life becomes a living nightmare when suspected killer Udo Holthaus threatens everything she holds dear.

The second installment is The Blue Wall. An Atlanta station hires Grace to star in its news segment, “Crime and Corruption.” Reporting on Metro Atlanta’s underbelly thrusts Grace into the murky world of suburban drug wars, a treacherous Mexican cartel and a mysterious theft ring that leaves a trail of chaos. When she gets too close to the real story behind the crimes, Grace finds herself the target of a murderer.

The idea for the series was born some years ago when Joyce Oscar was interviewing Donald Reichardt for a story on WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. After the interview, they chatted briefly about the reporting business and their mutual interest in writing. Several years later, they met while walking their dogs in a park in suburban Roswell, where they discovered they are neighbors. They chatted again about writing a story about a news reporter, and their conversation led to “The Grace Gleason Files.”

Grace Gleason is a determined, gritty television crime reporter trying to succeed in the news business.