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The authors are happy to participate in a discussion with book clubs by personal appearance, conference call or Skype. We have already visited a number of groups in person and have made one Skype appearance.

To arrange an author discussion, email, or call (770) 518-1151.

The Blue Wall includes a page of group discussion questions.

Here are some discussion questions for Justice On Hold:

  • What are your impressions of Grace Gleason and how she meets the challenges in her life?
  • What does the title “Justice on Hold” mean to you and why?
  • Many thrillers are “whodunits.” In Justice on Hold, you know “whodunit” at the end of the prologue. Any idea why?
  • Do you know women like Grace or Bonnie, and how are they similar?
  • How do these characters reflect the challenges women face in the workplace and on the home front?
  • What are your experiences with the justice system and law enforcement?
  • What do you think will happen to Grace next? (After you have speculated, you can read The Blue Wall to find out if you’re right.)